Educational offer

Personalised learning experience

The students of Varlaam High-School choose their own level of subject difficulty. Each profile, Philology and Media and Entrepreneurship and Science is personalized via a curriculum with objectives established by the student, the teachers and the parents altogether, as well as via practical experiences such as an internship or community projects.

Career mentorship

Each student has their own teaching mentor that they choose and that coordinates their personalized learning path, being the liaison between all actors involved in their education. The mentoring teacher will guide the student and will closely monitor the development of all activities necessary for achieving the established objectives.

Purpuseful use of technology

The technological infrastructure for modern and efficient learning consists of each teacher and student’s Chromebooks, on which Google Suite for Education is installed, alongside course supports, homework, projects – all of them easily manageable via Google Classroom.


Current calendar




50% and average mark from the National Evaluation – 50%. On registration, the student will opt for Philology and media or Science and entrepreneurship or for both. The 15 seats available for each profile will be filled in according to grades. The interview score will be communicated the day following the interview. The final result will be communicated the day following final National Evaluation results.



Annual fee: 8280 ron

Lunch: 17 ron/day

Education fee will be paid monthly (690 ron/month), every three months (2070 ron/trimester) or entirely on registration, with a 3% fee deduction.  

Admission tax: 300 ron

A 350 ron deposit will be paid in advance for the first month of school. The amount will be paid in maximum 2 weeks after communication of results when signing the contract. The entire amount is expendable in case beneficiaries will no longer pursue courses in 2018-2019.


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