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Our vocation and sense as teachers relies on our capacity to identify sense and vocation within those we teach. Those whom we teach become a reflection of our view of them. The gifted student will answer the challenges that we hand over to him, as well as to our faith in him. The troubled student will react to our fear and frustration. The student facing uncertainty will react to our state and our belief in God. We believe in personalised education that develops the cognitive dimension (IQ), as well as the emotional one (EQ), but that is centered around the spiritual dimension (SQ), essential to the fulfillment of our existence.


Behind every subject I love there is a person who, at some point, loved me. Learning happens in the context of others. The quality and the quantity of learning depend on the quality of the learning context. Building a community through relationships between school-student, student-student, parent-student, parent-parent, school-parent, school-church, parent – church etc is essential to inspiring learning. Education is the backbone ensuring the existence and the future of every community. Varlaam School is a space of gathering for a community that wishes to learn and be better in 21st century’s Romania, throughout a living orthodox spirit.


Learning does not happen halfway between somebody’s mouth and somebody else’s ear. It involves hearts and minds. The best moments are those that challenge us to discover and learn in the presence of those to whom we teach. Their talents and needs are inspiring to us and our own learning will eventually inspire theirs. This is why to us, discovering talents and the personalised cultivation of the 7 key skills essential to succeeding in the 21st century is a priority that challenges the entire educational team to constantly evolve. The seven key skills we foremostly look for at Varlaam Secondary School are Critical Thinking and Problem solving, Collaboration and Personal Leadership, Curiosity and Creativity, Agility and Adaptability, Initiative and Perseverance, Written, Verbal and Multimedia Communication, Accessing Information and Information Processing.


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Our answer, affirmative or negative, with regards to admission to Varlaam Secondary School, will be given within 2 weeks from the interview. If the answer is affirmative, Enrollment tax payment and paper deposition will be done in maximum 2 weeks from communicating the answer.



Annual tax for school year 2018-2019 este: 9000 lei

Lunch (optional): 17 lei per day.

Complete payment of school taxes will result in a 3% deduction.

Admission tax to Vth form – 1050 lei, representing:

  • 300 lei enrollment tax, selection of your application and interview (50% deduction for Varlaam students);
  • 750 lei as an advance to scool tax for September 2018

The entire amount of 1050 de lei is irredeemable in case of cancellation of enrollment for school year 2018-2019.


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